Personal assistance

Unlike most Lifestyle management companies, we do not limit our assistance to day to day errands and exclusive bookings. We have been fortunate at Eacons to assist a variety of high profile individuals around the globe and we know how important it is to be able to offer a global service range.

Our ambition is to develop a very close relationship with each of our clients and take care of their personal affairs through in-depth admin support, accounting and legal formalities.

Whether it relates to the organization of a medical stay in a private clinic, the evaluation and update of all insurance needs in collaboration with experts, the management of domestic staff, the research of a school for children or the computing, control and consolidation of our clients’ expenditures: all these elements can be taken care of.

Eacons will never replace our client’s lawyer, accountant or fiscal advisor. However, we become our client’s representative with these corporations, when desirable, to ensure a day to day follow up and to ensure prompt action is taken when required.

With a refined level of personal assistance and an articulate attention to detail, our entire team is committed to consistently delivering excellence in service.

We know delegating personal matters is not easy. It requires a great deal of trust and absolute confidentiality. Every day. Always. We know that.