About Eacons

Eacons is the legacy of ISC, one of the oldest Concierge Services Company established in Geneva in 2002.

The philosophy that everything is possible was a core value at ISC and remains at the heart of Eacons.
We offer an extensive approach to luxury lifestyle management and provide both individuals and corporate clients with a wide range of services from hotel bookings, chauffeured cars, private flights, yacht charters, villas/chalets rentals, property management and admin assistance, as well as many other services.
With over ten years of experience, our team of specialists has the required know-how, as well as a solid network of excellent and trusted contacts.
We know that in order to work efficiently, we must understand our clients’ priorities, needs and preferences. It is only then that we can offer the level of services that has become our strength.

As part of our core work philosophy each of our clients is allocated a dedicated assistant at Eacons. It allows our clients to develop a close working relationship with him/her and to tailor the service to suit their personal tastes and preferences.

This is what personal assistance is all about.